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bancha green tea, popped corn, toasted rice. Contains coffeine


Genmaicha is the name for Japanese green tea that is mixed with roasted brown rice. This genmaicha is created using bancha green tea, a Japanese green tea that comes from the same plant as Sencha green tea, but is plucked later in the season. In addition to toasted rice, some popped pieces of rice provides an additional nutty taste that, when coupled with the sensual tanned brew of the bancha, creates a unique savory flavor!


To find pleasure in the taste, pour one tablespoon of herbs with 16 ounces of boiling water and cover the infusion for 3-5 minutes and enjoy.


Remember that herbs have the ability to cause an allergic reaction.


Ask your doctor if you are allergic.


Made in USA by Myro tea company


Net Wt 2, 29 oz/65g


Genmaicha tea | Green Tea

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