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20 Teapot bags

Net Wt. 2.11 oz/ 60 g

Enjoy all the charm of this unforgettable drink.

Only herbs no flavors



roses whole buds, meadow-sweet, mint, catnip, clover (trefoil), calendula, chamomile, sage, yarrow


Health benefits


Very good for the stomach (inhibits stomach acid)

For wound healing, throat respiratory diseases

Choleretic agent

Cleanser removes toxins

Good for liquid blood



Ask your doctor before use, not a cure

Not for those with low blood pressure, stomach indigestion, tendency to constipation, pregnancy, tendency to thrombosis.




To find pleasure in the taste, pour one teapot bag with 16 ounces of boiling water and cover the infusion for 3-5 minutes and enjoy.


Remember that herbs have the ability to cause an allergic reaction. Ask your doctor if you are allergic.


Made in USA by Myro tea company

# 1 Roses - Mint | Relaxing, Cold, Respiratory

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