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Finest quality


20 teapot bags    

Net Wt 2.11 oz/ 60g   


Enjoy all the charm of this unforgettable drink.

Only herbs no flavors.


Ingredients: chamomile

Health benefits

If you are tired after work, it's time to drink a cup of chamomile tea

Good for the stomach

It has a protective effect on the pulmonary membrane

And protects from radiation

For cramping during menstruation

Good for male diseases

When satiety of coffee

Chamomile tea with sugar and cream is made in the USA

Contraindicated: with pregnancy and a tendency to diarrhea

Please be advised: Ask your doctor before use, not a cure

You should always consult with your doctor

Before making any changes to your diet!!


To find pleasure in the taste, pour one teapot bag with 16 ounces of boiling water and cover the infusion for 3-5 minutes and enjoy.


Remember that herbs have the ability to cause an allergic reaction. Ask your doctor if you are allergic.


Made in USA by Myro tea company

# 12 Chamomile | In case of overwork

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